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The LEAF AIR vacuum leaves municipalities solves the problem of accumulation of leaves in cords, squares, sidewalks and parks. With a small 40 hp tractor with at least 540 PTO rpm., The machine is operated easily drive, low maintenance cost, easy to operate and carry. Replaces strings and sweeping sidewalks, and subsequent manual loading container or truck.



Technical Characteristics



- Manufacture turbine aspiration prats.
- Powered by control rod or shaft.
- With two suction hoses:
• A set for cleaning laces.
• Mobile Another six meters long, cleaning sidewalks, plazas and parks.
- System for parking lights, beacons and rotation.
- With optional cords brush barrier, registered and up-down side and water spray system to prevent dust and dirt flown in income suction and air residual output.
- Water tank 200 liters, electric water pump.
- Deposit of bagged leaves half-shade.