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MULTIFUNCTION self-unloading hopper (Model PD 1-27 M3)



DUAL SYSTEM: It allows movement operations cereal harvest stage and also charge fertilizers and seeds in the planting season.
Gravity discharge: Cereal stored access to the discharge tube by gravity towards the center of the hopper, preventing the endless sweeper minimizing damage the grain.
DOWNLOAD THE OUTSIDE: For a pipe diameter of 400 mm, with lateral rotation system, approximately four meters, allowing the chassis and trailer load without moving the truck.
DOWNLOAD BELOW: For fast emptying in wheel wells with hydraulic opening.
FERTILIZERS AND SEEDS: Download for a pipe diameter of 200 mm, with stainless steel doors.
GUILLOTINE CLOSING: Driven by hydraulic system.






- Deposit of inoculants and water.
- Drawer for tools.
- HOPPER: Fully bolted.
- Chassis with double reinforced axles and vantren system for rotation.
- Canvas quick closing.
- Lights regulations.
- BALANCE: Optional.