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In our line of heavy radiators, we produce exclusively in our country GRADERS radiator panels, FRONT LOADERS, DOZERS and SIMILAR MACHINES.
This line fails to cover a broad need in the market, replacing the high cost imports that means, the resulting delays, high prices in the official agencies or the use of alternative versions (light panels), unsuitable for the magnitude of these teams and the unfavorable conditions in which they work.
This panel is developed similarly to the original, making a complete interchangeability in placement and performance. To do this, design and build all necessary matrices fins, plates and supports. Manufacture assemblies, assemblers, devices for baking and thoroughly test the hydraulic or pneumatic.
In the construction we use top quality materials and high thickness, consistent with the requirements to which they are subject. The arrangement of the PIPE ROW the STRIP STEEL for their fins, PLATES collecting up to 3 mm. thick and mainly the incorporation of vibration CENTRAL MEDIA, make our product becomes integrated as a legitimate replacement.